Tree Services in Whangarei

Qualified, Experienced & Insured

We undertake all aspects of tree work from trimming to complete tree removals, we can do it.

Tree Pruning & Trimming

Pruning and trimming is a lot of the work we do. We can shape, thin, lift and dead wood your trees to allow more light and air. Other reasons to prune might be to remove large or dangerous limbs, clear your phone and power lines, create view shafts, or lower the height of a tree by crown reduction. Whatever it is, we have all the tools and skills necessary to help your trees look fantastic. Get in touch for a free pruning quote.

Tree Removals


Occasionally a tree needs to be removed either because it is diseased, has structural weaknesses that may cause failure, or it has simply outgrown its surroundings. Preventing tree failure reduces hazards  and can be cheaper in the long term. We are highly skilled in the removal of large, dead, dying and dangerous trees close to /over buildings and other sensitive structures and gardens. As qualified climbing arborists we use the best modern rigging equipment and even cranes to remove trees in tight access areas, safely and without damage to your property.

Hedge Trimming

A well maintained hedge frames your property and greenscape. Healthy and tidy hedges provide excellent privacy screening, wind and sound barriers, and also beauty. At 5m or 50m long, no hedge is too hard to work with. We have tall ladders, long trimmers and an eye for straight lines. We can maintain your hedge to perfection, so you don't have to, or even plant a new one. Ask us about our favourite hedge species. 

Tree Planting & Bamboo

We are more than happy to have a chat about tree planting - what trees you should plant, where to get them from and where to put them. We offer tree planting services including design, ordering, planning, planting and maintenance. We can also supply and plant a wide range of clumping bamboo species for rapid shelter or privacy screening. If you would like help getting a forest, orchard or bamboo hedge in the ground, just get in touch. 

Fruit Trees and Edibles

A big passion of ours is fruit trees and we specialise in fruit tree propagation, pruning, food forest design and orchard care. Pruning and training fruit trees for the first 5 years of life sets their structure, and with a strong framework they can then hold the weight of their fruit season after season. We can can cordon/espallier trees on walls, wires or fences, and regenerate old fruit trees with deadwood pruning. To top it off we offer full permaculture orchard design and installation services.



If you have been busy in the garden, but there are too many branches for you to deal with yourself, we can chip them onsite. Make sure you stack them facing the same direction (cut end one way, leaves the other) so it's easy to access. Facing the walkway is even better. We can even chip bamboo! Chipping branches saves time and money filling a trailer and dragging them to the greenwaste station, and all the goodness can stay onsite for you to reuse. Win win!

Organic Mulch

We believe in respecting and reusing the many valuable products of trees. The first in line are the branches and leaves. Our NZ made Hansa C27 chipper recycles all branches into a fine mulch of wood chips for mulching around trees, or when composted for your vegetable garden. Wood chip mulch retains soil moisture, keeps the sun off the soil keeping it cooler, returns carbon, controls weeds, stimulates fungi growth, and so much more. To order mulch, just call us

Milling and Tree Products

If you need a tree removed but think the wood can be reused, rather than just cutting it for firewood we can chainsaw mill the logs into slabs and fine timber. We salvage and mill trees that we fell, and now have small amounts of unusual and rare timbers for sale. As available we can also provide specialist tree products such as wood for carving, rings for natural seats, limbs for art, mushroom cultivation logs, or anything else you can imagine! Just ask us to keep your project in mind.